Telling Michael Brown’s Story

Lezley McSpadden goes on a tour to discuss her memoir about losing her son, who was shot and killed by police, “to represent,” she says, their side of the story. (The New Yorker)

Words of Praise, and Loss, for Malcolm X’s Grandson

At the memorial service, family and friends remembered Mr. Shabazz as a reflection of his grandfather. They also sought to celebrate the man he was becoming, looking beyond the troubles of his youth, and his own violent end. (The New York Times)

A Watcher of the Police Says He Is Now a Target

Joseph Hayden is a familiar presence with his video camera on the streets of his native Harlem, ready to document interactions between the police and the residents. But Hayden, 71, recently found himself on the receiving end of police scrutiny, arrested on charges of weapons possession after a traffic stop. (The New York Times)

Legal volunteers help those seeking a clean slate and a new start

A group of voluteers, called the Philadelphia Criminal Record Expungement Project, holds monthly clinics to help those arrested but never convicted establish a clean slate. And, they hope, secure the lives their criminal records have held back. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Joining forces against one-man crime storm

There it was. The picture of Laguna Beach that Alan Horowitz snapped while on vacation, the turquoise water staring at him from the screen of his stolen GPS. Records would reveal his GPS was one of many sold within days to the same pawnshop. (The Philadelphia Inquirer).

Earlier complaint against 2 officers similar to another harassment allegation.

As with other cases of alleged police misconduct, this one has two disparate accounts. However, it is significant because the two officers involved are under investigation by Internal Affairs for a similar encounter that occurred last month. And there is no court record of defendant who said they arrested him, and the disposition of his case remains a mystery. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)